Foreign Student

By Jan-Martin Müller / Oktober, 27, 2014 / 0 comments

Foreign Student – An intense Short Film about Hope, Love, Deception, Organized Crime and Forced Prostitution.

This film strives to shed a light on a topic a lot of people rather not talk about, but which is reality for thousands of women in Germany alone. With intense images and a powerful story we want to create a short film which not only entertains but will raise awareness for the problem.

Very personal and intimate the film Foreign Student tells the story of the night-time security guard Lotta Holmgren. Out of nowhere she meets Yarek, somebody who finally notices the solitary danish girl and gives her protection as well as affection. She falls in love with the mysterious stranger and doesn’t hesitate long when asked to follow him to Germany. Promised true love, a life as student and finally a way out of the solitude she goes with him into an uncertain future. Not knowing that she will become a victim of organized crime and sexual abuse.

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